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Conversions rate from visit to purchase 2% on average. Top publishers have +5%. Earnings per click estimated at $0.80 - $2 100% No-Questions-Asked moneyback guarantee for 1st deposit True multi-channel campaign - 1 million TV commercials aired per year. Leading pay-to-participate auction in US with market share of over 75% - More than 9 years in the business. On DealDash, people can bid and win huge savings (typically 90%, trust us, we did the math!) on electronics, giftcards, home appliances and other goods in over 20 categories. We have 1000's of auctions starting every day, so there is a lot of variety for all kinds of audiences. Our value proposition speaks to all demographics from young males to older females. What's more, we support this campaign with ongoing TV advertisements. We air about 1 million TV spots every year, so there's DealDash ad airing every minute! Check out <>. Consumers are familiar with our product and are just looking for that last nudge to make them convert.

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